Q: How does RushOrder work?

RushOrder is a mobile app that helps you save time at your favorite restaurants by speeding up the ordering and payment process. Once downloaded on your phone (Android and iOS compatible), you can search, order, and pay, making long lines and waiting for service a thing of the past.

Q: Is RushOrder only for take-out and delivery like most other online/mobile ordering services?

With RushOrder, you can save time while dining in as well! Depending on the restaurant, you can either place orders in advance so your food is ready and waiting to be eaten when you get there; or, once seated, you can think of the app as a mobile waiter to directly order more food, request your check, and conveniently pay for your bill!

Q: How do I make special requests?

When placing an order, you can include specific requests under each menu item (e.g., “Dressing on the side please!”), or you can add a general request at checkout (e.g., “Extra forks and napkins please!”).

Q: How do I know if my order has been received, and how do I track it?

Once you place your order, you will automatically be directed to the order status page that tracks the progress of your order in real-time. Here you can track order confirmation, preparation, and delivery.

Q: Where can I see my RushOrder receipt?

You can tap on ‘Orders’ in the bottom navigation bar for a listing of current and past orders. Selecting a past order will open up the receipt window. From here, you can re-send yourself any prior receipts. In the app Settings, you can also enter an e-mail address to which all receipts can be automatically sent.

Q: How do I change or cancel my order?

You can add to, edit, or cancel your order prior to Check Out. However, once you check out, an order can only be changed or canceled by calling the restaurant or RushOrder for a valid reason within a limited amount of time from placing the order. You can reach a RushOrder representative by dialing 424-488-3170

Q: How much does RushOrder charge?

RushOrder is a free app! Download our app from the App Store, or Google Play

Q: Why are your menu prices sometimes different than what I see at restaurants?

Prices may be different for various reasons. We update our menus using a variety of sources, and there will unfortunately be instances where the prices directly available to us are outdated. In addition, some restaurants have increased prices on their delivery menu to take into account the added costs for employing drivers and increased overhead. For these reasons, and possibly others, there will be times when prices available on our app may be slightly higher or lower than what you may see at the restaurants.

Q: How can I get my favorite restaurants on RushOrder?

If you would like to see a particular restaurant on our app, send us an e-mail at request@rushorderapp.com and we’ll follow up with your request.

Q: How do I contact RushOrder if I have any questions or problems?

For immediate assistance regarding an existing order please call: 424-488-3170. For general inquiries or comments concerning RushOrder, email us at help@rushorderapp.com or call 310-473-8092.