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Explore By RushOrder on Product Hunt

"Excited to introduce Explore 1.0, our latest tool within RushOrder that was created to make food discovery easier than ever in the food delivery space. "

Product Hunt; Jan 30, 2018

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How to Get Your Favorite Restaurants Delivered

"I had to include them because they offer something that is truly unique to them alone...So, next time you find yourself in the LA area make sure to have RushOrder ready to go. "

Sauté Magazine; Jan 07, 2017

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Enjoy Korean Food Anytime Anywhere

"A great number of restaurants in town have been joining this food-delivery network recently. The food network is growing every day... "

Korea Daily; Dec 16, 2016

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Online food delivery still presents a $210B market opportunity

"The important thing to remember is that broad, secular shifts, while infrequent in occurrence, present extraordinary opportunities for those fortunate enough to capitalize on them. "

TechCrunch; Oct 07, 2016


Case Study: Coffeehouse Chain Adds Convenience With On-Demand Delivery

"Tom N Toms opted to work with RushOrder because executives at the company liked the customization options that RushOrder provided—for example, businesses have the option to create their own ordering processes, rather than being stuck with a pre-configured workf ..."

Street Fight Magazine; Jul 11, 2016


RushOrder and Tom N Toms Coffee Team Up in Mobile Ordering and On-Demand Delivery Partnership

"For Tom N Toms, the RushOrder partnership marks the multinational leader's first foray into on-demand delivery and mobile ordering in the US. "

PRWeb; Jun 23, 2016

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Your Favorite Food Will Be at Your Door

"RushOrder works with many restaurants around Koreatown. You can reserve, pre-order and deliver food. If you are in a hurry, you can order food and pay before arrival. "

Korea Daily; Mar 26, 2016


As Mobile Ordering Platforms Evolve, Expect More Personalization and Integration

"...users will be presented with algorithmically-driven suggestions—not only as they pertain to restaurants, but right down to specific food items—all powered by mobile food ordering’s version of Pandora’s Music Genome Project. (Eric Kim, RushOrder) "

Street Fight Magazine; Feb 04, 2016

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LA,'음식 배달'서비스 최대 격전지 부상

"저널에 따르면 러시오더는 창업한 지 채 2년이 안되는 중소기업임에도 불구하고 차별화된 서비스로 틈새 시장을 공략하여 입지를 구축하고 있다. 러시오더는 지난 11월까지 월별 매출이 약 20%씩 성장하여 올해 1분기에 흑자를 기록할 것으로 기대하고 있다. "

Daily Sports Seoul USA | 스포츠서울 USA; Jan 11, 2016

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Lazy College Students Can Now Have 7-Eleven Munchies Delivered to Their Dorms

"...competes with other app-based mobile delivery services like GrubHub, Postmates, DoorDash and RushOrder. "

Time Inc.; Dec 02, 2015

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Today's Entrepreneur: Eric Kim

"Today's Entrepreneur is Eric Kim, Co-founder and CEO at RushOrder. RushOrder enables users to order the most popular food from the most popular restaurants - initially focusing on previously unaddressed categories of authentic Asian cuisine. By implementing a d ..."

Vator; Sep 29, 2015

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Top 5 Game Day Deliveries

"RushOrder gives us a breakdown of their top game day deliveries. In honor of Thursday game night, we are taking a look at football fans top food delivery choices. RushOrder, is a new takeout and delivery service available on iOS and Android. RushOrder, aims ..."

R | magazine; Sep 17, 2015


8 Food Apps Busy Girls Should Download

"8 Food Apps Busy Girls Should Download When you get home at the end of a long day, sometimes it’s just too hard to summon that extra creative energy to whip up something delicious in the kitchen. And let’s face it: In this crazy-busy world, that probably happe ..."

MYDOMAINE; Sep 02, 2015

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9 New Food Delivery Apps When Grubhub Doesn't Cut It

"Los Angeles is an early adopter when it comes to the latest apps, and that's no exception when it comes to food delivery apps. With the crushing traffic, can you blame an Angeleno for not wanting to pick up their own dinner? We still love our old faithfuls like ..."

Laist; Aug 21, 2015

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출발~” 한인식당 ‘배달 경쟁

"LA 한인타운 식당가에 ‘배달경쟁’이 뜨겁다. ‘배달음식’의 대표메뉴인 피자와 치킨, 자장면은 물론 떡볶이 등 분식류와 찌개류, 삼계탕 등 일반 한식에 이르기까지 메뉴의 경계 없이 다양한 음식을 빠르고 손쉽게 배달해 먹을 수 있도록 한 것. "

The Korea Times | 한국일보; Aug 17, 2015

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RushOrder competes in shifting $70 billion industry via K-food niche

"A $70 billion dollar-a-year industry that’s just beginning its shift to online and mobile platforms is a drool-worthy scenario for any tech entrepreneur — especially when the topic revolves around food. To be more specific, the food takeout and delivery mark ..."

The Korea Times; Jul 02, 2015

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Tech Startups Find a Home in Koreatown's Kolabs

"One current draw may be Kolabs, a shared workspace and business incubator-accelerator aimed toward nurturing the growth of South Korean and Korean American startups. Opened in March by L.A.-based venture capital firms Strong Ventures and BAM Ventures, the "

KoreAm; Jun 30, 2015


6 Mobile Pre-Ordering Tools for Restaurants

"Reservation apps have made it easier for customers to book tables at restaurants, and mobile ordering apps have shaved seconds off the time it takes to process transactions, but one of the biggest pain points in dining — the time customers spend waiting for foo ..."

Streetfight; Jun 23, 2015

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모바일 배달앱 '러시오더(RushOrder)' 한인 벤처 신화 만들 것

"음식배달서비스앱 '러시오더(RushOrder)' 에릭 김 대표는 "배달 시장은 여러 앱들이 치열하게 경쟁중이다. 하지만 아직 초기단계로 성공 가능성이 높다"며 "지난 해 11월 공식 론칭 후 레스토랑 가입수, 주문 등 매출이 매월 20%씩 성장하고 있다. "

Korea Daily | 중앙일보; May 25, 2015


South Korean tech industry finds warm reception in L.A.

"When a South Korean technology entrepreneur wanted to recruit computer programmers working in Seoul, he didn't load up on perks like a masseuse, sleeping pods or beer kegs. The most tantalizing benefit his start-up AKAStudy offered Koreans: a job in Los Angeles ..."

Los Angeles Times; May 10, 2015

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A Secular Shift To Online Food Ordering

"To say that recent capital inflows in the food-ordering space have been growing rapidly wouldn’t be doing the current funding environment justice. In fact, it might even be considered a gross injustice akin to calling Mark Zuckerberg a mere website developer. ..."

TechCrunch; May 07, 2015

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Even More Apps: RushOrder Now Delivers Food From Popular Koreatown Restaurants

"One of the LA's latest food delivery apps aims to capture the Koreatown market. Score another one for the suddenly-booming food delivery app market. RushOrder is among the latest to jump into the increasingly crowded space, offering (at least on its surface) ..."

Eater; Dec 11, 2014

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RushOrder app now serves up the best of unfound Koreatown

"There are a lot of food delivery apps out there. So how can a new food app differentiate itself? RushOrder has an advantage many other food apps don’t: Koreatown. “The mobile payment and restaurant space is pretty saturated,” said Henry Choi, sales and mark ..."

built in los angeles; Nov 18, 2014

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Online Food Delivery App Taps into L.A.’s Koreatown

"Ordering delivery from a slew of neighborhood restaurants, all from the convenience of your smartphone or mobile device, has never been easier thanks to apps like Seamless, Eat24 and other brands. The latest product to join the online food delivery space is Ru ..."

KoreAm; Nov 14, 2014

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Finally, There's An App That Breaks Down Koreatown Food And Brings It To Your Door

"If you live near Koreatown, then you know you have a bevy of delicious food options in any direction. However, you might have noticed that many Korean restaurants aren't popping up on most mobile delivery apps. Some don't offer menus in English and can be intim ..."

laist; Nov 13, 2014